We offer training in all aspects of solution-focused hypnosis and Brief Therapy. We also run corporate training events for Teachers, Therapists, Social Workers and other interested parties.

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Use our site to connect with Solution-Focused Hypnotists and Therapists near you. You can learn about the various issues we work with and the therapy tools used to help and empower you.

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Research & Resources

Our Resources page will keep you up to date with the latest research - undertaken by ourselves and other - into the effectiveness of solution-focused hypnosis.

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Welcome to Brief Hypnosis

You have just discovered the online home of Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy. At Brief Hypnosis, we are at the cutting-edge of research and training in contemporary Therapeutic Hypnosis.


Hypnosis can help with all manner of issues.

Using solution-focused therapy and hypnosis, our Hypnotherapists are used to working with traumas, phobias, family difficulties, habits and addictions, stress and anxiety and more.

If there is an area of your life where you feel that there is some kind of blockage, something keeping you from moving forward, then hypnosis is a great way to tackle this.


Our aim is to teach and spread the benefits of solution-focused therapy, both in conjunction with hypnosis and as a stand-alone modality.


This has given me a totally different perspective on the process which will profoundly change the way I practice. 

It was such a pleasure to have a fresh and considered approach to inductions that were so effective yet performed with ease and understatement.

You delivered on all levels, a quiet, professional, and client centred approach, that was free of all the showbiz razz matazzzzz.

It was particularly impressive how the day's learning was accessible & useful for everyone from seasoned  therapists to  total hypnosis 'virgins' - which I had wondered prior to the event whether it was possible.

I really appreciated the way you have unpicked the process down to the essentials, with an understanding of what is actually in play. 

An excellent day! Sign me up for more!

If you ever need to refer a client to a therapist in the sunny south, be assured that I will be following your therapy techniques.

Many thanks for making the day so worthwhile.

What do you teach?

It is no secret that hypnotherapy has a reputation for being focused on regression and delving into the past to discover the root-cause of current problems. (Ironically, although Freud left hypnosis behind once he developed Psychoanalysis, Hypnosis seems to have a hard time moving beyond Freud!) We do not feel that such an approach is necessary. In fact, we think it can often be unproductive, perpetuating unhelpful myths and outdated methodologies.

Brief Hypnosis is grounded in evidence-based, cutting-edge approaches to therapy. Our training incorporates elements of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy and Ericksonian Hypnosis, as well as Acceptance and Committment Therapy and other Mindfulness and Acceptance Based Therapies.

In fact, even when we are working therapeutically, our sessions often feel like training! We aim to empower people by teaching them skills that will equip them to lead their lives to the full.

Who do you teach?

We provide training for therapists, teachers, social workers and others in all aspects of Brief Therapy and Solution-focused Hypnosis.

Statistically, the average attendee at our trainings is a hypnotherapist, qualified within the last 3 years, who is seeking to add to their knowledge and skill-set. However, we are also sought out by established hypnotherapists aiming to develop their practice with the addition of solution-focused tools.

Equally, our courses are attended by other therapists wanting to add hypnosis to their bag of tricks.

Additionally, the kinds of skills that we teach clients in therapy - and train hypnotherapists in - are ideal for your workplace. From Advanced Communication Skills to solution-focused practice, organisations bring us in to train-up their employees to function more effectively both in the office and the community.

Where do you teach?

So, whether you are seeking hypnosis for your own Continuing Professional Development, or are looking to bring-in training for your work place, Brief Hypnosis provides a unique contemporary solution.

Our most popular training, Therapeutic Inductions, is run from various locations throughout the UK, most regularly in West Sussex and in Northamptonshire.

Contact us for more information.


Our Resources and Research page will keep you up to date with the latest thinking in the field of Hypnosis.

We will also point you to resources – both provided by us and others – to assist you in your personal growth and your development as a Therapist.

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On top of that, we also provide over 800 hypnosis downloads for clients. You can access them here.