Stop Smoking

Quitting Smoking can be much easier than you’ve ever imagined!

Using Hypnotherapy to quit smoking is a powerful way to kick the smoking habit. In fact, the statistics show that it is twice as powerful as other methods methods – like nicotine gum or patches – because it tackles both the reasons for smoking and the desire for cigarettes.

With Brief Hypnosis, the method we employ to help you stop once and for all works in two simple ways to provide two main benefits:

1. Dealing with the stress and/or other “triggers” that caused you to reach for a cigarette

2. Transforming your attitudes and beliefs about smoking and yourself, reinforcing your desired for a fresh future

Hypnosis has proven again and again to be highly effective for smoking cessation. In fact, studies show that when done correctly the success rate is slightly above 66%. That’s more than double the success rate of patches and gum and 10 times more effective than trying to quit on your own!

You’ve got nothing to lose… and a whole world of smoke-free fresh air to gain!

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