Solution-focused practice – A toolkit for working with children and young people

Here is an excellent resource provided by the NSPCC.

This toolkit was first developed by NSPCC practitioners to support themselves and their colleagues in conducting solution-focused work with children and young people aged five to 19.

The NSPCC has been using solution-focused practice with children and young people in our Face to Face service since September 2011. Through this work our practitioners have developed a wealth of knowledge in communicating different aspects of the solution-focused approach to children of varying ages, interests and needs. We have decided to develop and publish this toolkit so that others using solution-focused practice with children can benefit from the collective experience and creativity of our practitioners and the children they have worked with. The toolkit presents ideas for worksheets and activities that NSPCC practitioners have found to be helpful in working with children and young people.

We do not intend this toolkit to be prescriptive or limiting in any way. Each child will have different  needs and interests; therefore, you will want to tailor your practice and any ideas in this toolkit to make them relevant and useful to the individual. Inevitably, the best ideas will come directly from the young person – many of the case examples provided show how young people have brought their own ideas into this work. However, we do hope that the ideas set out in this toolkit will provide inspiration for activities that you may wish to use, adapt or devise for the children and young people that you work with.

Get the whole PDF, for free, here.

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