Hypnosis Training, Northampton, 2018

We are pleased to announce the return of our popular Therapeutic Inductions Training!

“THERAPEUTIC INDUCTIONS” is a relatively new approach to hypnotherapy. This method, rooted in Ericksonian hypnosis and solution-focused therapy, uses Inductions as an essential part of therapy, not merely the gateway into hypnosis.

If you’ve ever received hypnosis, or even if you are a hypnotherapist, you’ll recognise the familiar structure of: Induction, Deepener, Therapy, Wake-up. The usual tension felt by therapists is between making sure they are “under” enough during the induction and deepening and then getting to the therapy where the real magic happens. The tension is that the therapist wants to focus on the therapy, to see people change, but ends up focusing upon the induction, because it is felt that if he/she doesn’t do that part properly then none of the rest of it will work.

It is hoped that our training will be incredibly useful for therapists, in helping them move beyond this tension and to focus on the change taking place in their clients, rather than on their own performance. Therapeutic Inductions enable a hypnotherapist to move away from the four-step process above, towards an understanding of inductions as “Therapeutic frame-setters”.


Live Training!

As a therapist, I wish I had discovered these principles years ago! They have revolutionised the way I view, practice and teach hypnosis.

So, after many requests, we are finally rolling out this training in Northampton once again, so that you and your clients can benefit from the Therapeutic Inductions approach.


What you will learn:

* A fresh approach to hypnosis

* An understanding of how and why inductions work

* Waking Hypnosis and why it still uses trance

* Progressive, Rapid, and Ericksonian inductions

* Turn the “standard” inductions into therapy tools

* How to create inductions on-the-fly

* How to tear-up your scripts and learn to read your clients

* Performing impromptu therapy

When & Where?

Saturday February 17th, 2018 at St. Luke’s Centre, Duston, Northampton.


What’s included?

* 1 day of exciting and practical hypnotherapy training

* Hands-on practice sessions

* Free refreshments

* Access to dedicated online resources

* Full course notes


Places are limited so that we can make the most of the time and location – and also to ensure plenty of hands-on practice. This unique 1 day hypnosis workshop is priced at only £79, with £20 off for early-birds. That means, book before Christmas and you get access to this exciting innovation in the world of hypnotherapy for only £59!

You can book now here: https://www.paypal.me/grahamold

If you are a therapist, you’ll wonder why you didn’t learn this earlier. If you’re a hypnotist you’ll value the ability to recognise and utilise trance and create impromptu inductions. And if you are new to hypnosis, you’ll value live training that provides everything you need to know to hypnotise friends, family and clients.